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QUIZ: Your Personality based on Banana Milk?!

Milk flavors and personality may seem like a strange combination, but they’re closer tied than you think! Find out what flavor of milk lines up with your approach to life, and walk away with a little drinkspiration!


Milk Less? Try Milkis!

Milkis sounds a bit perplexing, but there’s no denying this Korean drink is popular! You might be asking, “Why milk and soda?” It’s the iconic duo.


5 Non-Alcoholic Korean Drinks You Should Try

Here at SnackFever, we want to bring to you the ultimate Korean snacks (and drinks) for you to try. Whether it’s a hot summer or a beautiful chilly day in November, you’re sure to love these five delicious drinks!

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BT21 Cafe In Japan

BTS’ adorable characters, known as BT21, these adorable faces are starting to pop-up! In Japan. With a collaboration between BTS

Food Hot Spots

Here’s a Taste of What You Can Find Inside the SMTOWN Cafe

In my gift guide for SMTOWN’s Gift Shop, I noted that the shop itself is part of a much larger


Korean Drinks Available Everywhere to Add to Your Shopping List

Be on the lookout for these sodas and drinks from South Korea! Tired of water and typical sodas? Well, good


Drinking Games: Soju Edition

As the weekend slowly approaches, it is time to unwind and reward yourself for your hard work. Whether you drink