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Spotlight on PLANT

It can be difficult to find vegan-friendly Korean food, but look no further! Plant has plenty of options for our plant-based eating friends.

Lifestyle & Culture

Oddly Satisfying: Korean Home Cafes

You’ve seen slime videos, kinetic sand videos, and ASMR videos…but have you seen Korean home cafes?


Eat Your Aesthetic: Spring Edition

With new life in full bloom and photos of cherry blossoms sprouting up in social media, here are some foods of Korea that will make you feel like spring!

Food Lifestyle & Culture

Alcohol’s Best Friend: Anju

While anything can be considered a “drinking snack,” some foods pair better with certain kinds of alcohol than others.


Sweet Potato Love in Korea

Want to know some different ways you can enjoy sweet potatoes in Korea? Here are some of our favorites!

Food Lifestyle & Culture

Dining Customs When Eating Out in Korea!

Korean dining customs are an essential part of what can be seen when eating at restaurants. Here’s a list of things you can expect!


Hallabong: The Jeju Flavor You Didn’t Know You Needed

Get your Hallabong on by trying these fantastic flavor combinations you can only pull off with this Jeju Island fruit!


7 Unique Milk Flavors From 7-Eleven

We all know about the banana milk craze in South Korea, but did you know about 7-Eleven’s label, 7 Select? In Korea, 7-Eleven also makes very delicious and unique flavors of milk other than the generic flavors of Strawberry, Chocolate, Coffee, and Banana.

Food Lifestyle & Culture

The Yes’ and No’s of Drinking Culture In Korea

Alcohol is a staple part of Korean culture. With the ability to drink in public and the generally cheap prices


Snack Hacks! Leveling Up

Level up your snacks in less than a minute! While delicious on their own, experimenting here and there with small changes and additions can increase your personal enjoyment of them!