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Be Your Own Barista: Popular Korean Cafe Chains and Drinks to DIY!

Whether beverages are hot or freezing cold, these Korean cafés offer everything that your heart could desire!

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Enjoy the Green in Seoul

With an abundance of indoor and outdoor gardens, you can experience nature brimming with life even during the coldest seasons in Seoul!

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Silence of the Lambs: ASMR Cooking

Let’s take a look at some relaxing Korean YouTube channels that are known for ASMR cooking!

Food Hot Spots

The Sweet Art of Ardechois

From marble tabletops, a macaron tower, cute jars and flowers to tasty, colorful, realistic dessert designs and refreshing drinks—Ardechois has them all!

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Get Ready for a Korean Office Dinner

There are some things you should know before joining a Korean office dinner!


Chilling with Chilsung Cider

Chilsung Cider is called the “Sprite of Korea,” a lemon-lime-flavored carbonated soft drink that is quite refreshing!


Florally Fabulous Foods from Korea

Check out these desserts and drinks that include flowers in the making of the most wonderful Korean foods out there!

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EXO as Boba Tea

For boba tea lovers and EXO-Ls everywhere, find out which flavour the EXO members would represent in this bubbly and tasty world!

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K-Pop Songs as Iced Coffees

Get ready to create a new Spotify playlist, here is a list of K-pop songs if they were brewed into iced coffees!


Surp-rice-ing Dishes!

Korea’s love for rice can be found in many dishes, but what are a couple of the most surprising ways rice can be found in Korean cuisine?