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K-Bands That Will Make You Rock Out

In need of new music? Check out these Korean bands!

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K-Pop Songs for When You’re Missing Your Friends

Let your friends know you miss them with this mini-playlist made for the both of you!


Podcast 101: DIVE Studios Expands Its Podcast Family

Have you checked out K-pop Daebak Show with Eric Nam yet? Whether or not you have checked out his podcast,

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9 Times Boy Groups Covered Female Artists

Here are just a few of the times male idols covered female idols with their own twist!

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Podcast 101: The K-Pop Daebak Show! with Eric Nam

Looking for a new series? Hop into podcasts with Eric Nam’s show!

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Fall in Love with ‘LA TRAINS,’ a New Collab by DAY6’s Jae and 88rising

DAY6’s eaJ joins forces with 88rising to give us the love song ‘LA TRAINS’!

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An In-Depth Look at DAY6’s Heart-Stopping ‘Emergency’ Choreo

DAY6 is known for amazing vocals and talent with instruments, but the group revealed their true secret talent: dance!

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Out of This World K-Pop Songs

If you fancy the concept of outer space, these stellar songs are sure to satisfy you!

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Entropy: A Look into Sweet Chaos with DAY6

While The Book of Us: Gravity was more lighthearted with its exploration of relationships, DAY6 is exploring its antithesis in a slightly darker concept with The Book of Us: Entropy.

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10 Amazing Covers by K-Pop Superstars

Korean superstars deliver these legendary covers music with their own special touch!