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The Wonderful World of Satoori!

Here are some of the most well-known dialects of Korea as well as the famous faces that use them!

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Fresh Fruit Desserts from Ovener.

Sometimes all you need is some fruit and flowers to create that perfect aesthetic!

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Character-Themed Cafes You Should Visit in South Korea

If you’re looking for a unique cafe that’s more vibrant and fun, check out these character-themed cafes in Korea!

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Getting Proper with the Provinces

Traveling to Korea or maybe just curious? No matter the reason, here’s an introduction to each of the nine provinces of South Korea!

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Chimac: Chicken and Beer Festival in Daegu

The combination of fried chicken and beer is so popular, it even has its own festival in Daegu called Chimac!

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Amazing Themed Shops and Cafes of Korea!

South Korea does not fall shy of the theming trend, check out some of the most amazing themed places in Seoul and more!

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Environmentally-Friendly South Korea (And How You Can Help!)

South Korea is doing what they can to help the environment, but it has to come from every individual to actually make a difference!


Bokkeum: The Best Stir-Fry Around

Some of Korea’s most popular dishes happen to fall under the bokkeum category, such as kimchi fried rice, tteokbokki, japchae, dakgalbi!

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10 Cafes in Korea with a View

Are you a cafe lover interested in travelling to Korea? These cafes have the best views to enjoy the landscape all over the country!

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Cherry Blossom Viewing is Not Just a Day Event

Cherry blossoms in the day are just as beautiful at night! Check out the Starlight Cherry Blossom Festival at E-World in Daegu!