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Top 5 Korean Cafes you MUST GO

Do you love coffee? Do you love cute cakes and dessert? Well Korea has it for you. Come check out

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Spotlight on Friends Cafe

Over the Benjamin Franklin Bridge from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a riverside city with rising art and culture. That city is

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From the Screen to Your Table: YouTube Cafes to Visit while in Korea

Take your coffee addiction to a new level by visiting your favorite Korean cafe vloggers!


Eat Your Aesthetic: Purple Edition

Foods that come in a purple shade have strong flavor packages, such as lavender, red onion, and red grapes!


5 Korean Snacks to Warm You Up This Winter

Do you know what would make the winter K-drama binge-watching even better? SNACKS!


The Hidden Heart of Seoul

Here are five very secretive places in Seoul that you can explore throughout your stay!

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Be Your Own Barista: Popular Korean Cafe Chains and Drinks to DIY!

Whether beverages are hot or freezing cold, these Korean cafés offer everything that your heart could desire!

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An Ocean of Cafés and the Comforting Scent of Coffee: Korean Café Culture

It’s not the café that comes with the coffee but the other way around—people come for the café and coffee just happens to be a bonus!

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Donuts Floating on Coffee

Old Ferry Donut is known as one of the best and most popular donut shops in Seoul!


Fall into Autumn with these Korean Drinks

As we bid the summer’s refreshing drinks farewell, here are some Korean drinks that will help you better transition into the fall!