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San Francisco’s Virtual Chuseok Festival a Success!

It’s that time of the year! Autumn has finally come and who else is excited about the cool weather, multicolored

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The Korean Celebration Experience: What to Know Before Attending

Countries all over the world celebrate milestones in different ways, and Korea has its own unique way of enjoying traditions year-round.


Tteok to Try!

While Korea is widely known for tteok, rice cakes, there are some that aren’t as well known as others!

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Traditions of Korea: Chuseok

Korea celebrates gratitude with a holiday known Chuseok!

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Muju Firefly Festival

South Korea has its fair share of festivals, but one of the most stunning is the Muju Firefly Festival!


For All Your Cravings: Sweet and Bite-Sized Goodness

Traditional Korean confections, called hangwa, are more difficult to get outside of Korea but that doesn’t stop us—they can easily be made at home!


For All Your Cravings: Let Them Eat Rice Cake!

Tteok is essential to Korean culture and is offered at almost every special occasion!

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Hanbok 101

If you love K-dramas, especially historical, you may know about hanbok and how it has changed over the centuries!


Dessert or Drink?: Sujeonggwa

Korean cinnamon punch is usually made for holidays, but it’s also perfect for a tea time date with your friends!

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Getting Festive with Korean Holidays!

Let’s go through some of the most prominent holidays celebrated in Korea!