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Dining with the Stars!

Dine like your favorite idols while visiting South Korea!

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Pink, Pink, Pink for Valentine’s Day!

Whether single or taken this Valentine’s Day, these pink-themed cafes will definitely put you in a sugary sweet mood!

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Arc N Book: A Book Lover’s Dream

Arc N Book is a cultural space shared by a bookstore and a lifestyle shop. If you’re ever in Seoul, be sure to check it out!

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An Ocean of Cafés and the Comforting Scent of Coffee: Korean Café Culture

It’s not the café that comes with the coffee but the other way around—people come for the café and coffee just happens to be a bonus!

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Fresh Fruit Desserts from Ovener.

Sometimes all you need is some fruit and flowers to create that perfect aesthetic!

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QUIZ: Which K-Celeb Cafe is Your Perfect Fit?

Find out which K-celeb café you should add to your bucket list (spoiler: all of them) with this fun quiz!

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K-Drama Eateries That Exist in Real Life

You definitely can’t pass up the chance to find your favorite cafe from your favorite show, so here are a few K-drama cafes that actually exist!

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Everything Purple – Cafe Bora

What’s your favourite colour? Mine is purple. And apparently purple seems to be a total craze at Cafe Bora. Very

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Top Four Unique Cafes For The K-Drama Lover

K-Dramas have a way of making the ordinary nothing shy of astonishing. It’s hard to believe that cafes could have