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Top 5 Korean Cafes you MUST GO

Do you love coffee? Do you love cute cakes and dessert? Well Korea has it for you. Come check out

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Cats, Dogs, and … Sheep? Inside Seoul’s “Thanks Nature” Café

We’ve all heard of the various animal cafés in Seoul – there are dog cafés, cat cafés, raccoon cafés and

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Play While You Eat at SLKO: Slime Cafe

Connect with your creative side at this slime store and restaurant!


The World United through Food: Two Sizes Tiramisu

Food brings the world together. That’s the great thing about restaurants; some do their best to bring food from another

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A Sweet Taste of Wonderland: Dear Me Cafe

Dear Me Cafe is perfect for people who like simple and quiet places, sweets, or Alice in Wonderland!

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Be Your Own Barista: Popular Korean Cafe Chains and Drinks to DIY!

Whether beverages are hot or freezing cold, these Korean cafés offer everything that your heart could desire!

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An Ocean of Cafés and the Comforting Scent of Coffee: Korean Café Culture

It’s not the café that comes with the coffee but the other way around—people come for the café and coffee just happens to be a bonus!

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A Morning in the Flora of Summer Lane Cafe

A large spot to visit for tourist and natives alike, Summer Lane provides a unique flavor for foreigners.

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Donuts Floating on Coffee

Old Ferry Donut is known as one of the best and most popular donut shops in Seoul!

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Korea’s Cafe Art

Crowned as an industry leader of the coffee market, South Korea reigns as one of the best in the game of latte art!