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The Wonderful World of Satoori!

Here are some of the most well-known dialects of Korea as well as the famous faces that use them!

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Let’s Go to the Zoo!

From small bugs and butterflies to large giraffes and elephants, zoos offer a variety of animals for you to see!

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Light Up Your Night with the Busan Fireworks Festival!

If you enjoy fireworks and going to the beach on a cool breezy night, then you’ll love the Busan Fireworks Festival!


Busan Travel Guide

With this short list of must-see places in Busan, this is only the beginning of your Busan adventures!

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Getting Proper with the Provinces

Traveling to Korea or maybe just curious? No matter the reason, here’s an introduction to each of the nine provinces of South Korea!


Adventures in Busan 🌄

Busan is an ideal destination that offers its visitors both a vibrant and relaxing atmosphere!

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Amazing Themed Shops and Cafes of Korea!

South Korea does not fall shy of the theming trend, check out some of the most amazing themed places in Seoul and more!

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Perfect Places in Korea to Visit in the Summer

There are many things you can do in Korea in the summertime! Keep these places in mind on your next visit.

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QUIZ: Where Should You Visit in Korea?

Do you wish to travel every single spot on the peninsula? Find out where in Korea should be your first stop!

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Beaches of Busan

When thinking about vacationing in Korea, Busan comes to mind as a city known for its waterfront wonders and miles of picturesque beaches!