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U.S. Tour of Korean Spas

Over the years, Korean spas have opened in the U.S., and there are many options to pick from.


Yakult: Not Just a Drink!

Keep your eyes open next time you’re out, and you may be able to find one of these Yakult snacks to try for yourself!

Lifestyle & Culture

A First-Hand Look at the Knoxville Asian Festival

The Knoxville Asian Festival has not only created fun for all ages, but educates people as well!


6 Autumn Korean Street Snacks You Must Try

When the leaves start to fall, the food trucks in Korea change their menus to give people these beloved snacks!

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EXO as Boba Tea

For boba tea lovers and EXO-Ls everywhere, find out which flavour the EXO members would represent in this bubbly and tasty world!


Bubble Tea in South Korea!

With the worldwide craze for bubble tea, many franchises have popped up in Korea! Here’s a roundup of some of Korea’s most popular spots for your bubble tea fix!