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A First-Hand Look at the Knoxville Asian Festival

The Knoxville Asian Festival has not only created fun for all ages, but educates people as well!

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Global South Korea: Paris

There are many hidden gems around Paris linked to Korea!


Jeju Island Travel Guide

If concrete jungles like Seoul aren’t quite your speed, and you really want a taste of South Korea, add Jeju to your list!

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QUIZ: Which K-Celeb Cafe is Your Perfect Fit?

Find out which K-celeb café you should add to your bucket list (spoiler: all of them) with this fun quiz!

Food Hot Spots

Celebrity-Owned Cafes and Restaurants

Having a chance to see our faves outside of the screen can be a bit difficult, so why not go and enjoy a little piece of them through their restaurants?

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Reasons Why You’ll Love ‘Chef and My Fridge’

Have you ever wondered what your fave K-celebs have in their fridge? If so, then Chef and My Fridge is for you!

K-Beauty & Fashion

One Brand. One Icon. A World of Fashion.

Many know G-Dragon as the leader of BigBang, but this K-pop idol has taken his talent to the world of fashion, where his brand PEACEMINUSONE has made a big bang of its own!

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K-Pop Covers that Will Make You Say WOW: DAY6 Covers, Part 3

DAY6 has developed their own style that is unique in the world of K-pop, and shows appreciation for their peers by performing covers of other K-pop songs!

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The YG Family has Taken Over the World of Just Dance!

Many of you have probably heard of the video game, Just Dance; a game so simple, all you have to

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Every Time “REACT” Reacted to K-Pop

YouTube. The home for a K-Pop stan. Many of us international fans were first introduced to K-pop through YouTube– specifically