Korean Snacks for School Students

Here’s a list of delicious Korean snacks that will energize you on your study breaks and give you the refreshment you deserve!

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Looking to have a fun and fulfilling afternoon in Seoul with some NCTzen friends? Look no further than Slipper 456 Cafe!


You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Tried This: Banana Kicks

In a world full of spicy-peppery shrimp crackers, be a sweet, fresh, opulent Banana Kick!


Not Your Basic Type of Milk 🥛

Wonder what drinking a banana would taste like? Thanks to Korea’s flavored milk craze, you know longer have to!

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SEVENTEEN’s Favorite Road Trip Snacks

Seventeen proves they truly are the best at everything, including shopping for road trip treats!


Get Cool like the High Schoolers: Best Backpack Snacks!

Snacking is something that happens throughout a high schoolers day: during class or breaks, after school, or while studying. Here’s a list of some of the high schoolers’ snack picks!


Top 10 Strawberry-Flavoured Korean Snacks!

These TEN strawberry-flavoured snacks are sweet, light, and fresh with the always-cute pink packaging! Are some of your favorites on our list?

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QUIZ: Your Personality based on Banana Milk?!

Milk flavors and personality may seem like a strange combination, but they’re closer tied than you think! Find out what flavor of milk lines up with your approach to life, and walk away with a little drinkspiration!


Korean Drinks that Will Leave You Refreshed

What better to keep us hydrated than Korean drinks we can take on the go? While Korea has quite the reputation for cute cafes that sell smoothies and Iced Americanos, there is also a wide variety of canned and bottled drinks that will leave you refreshed while you’re on the run.


Fruit-Flavored Snack Attack

A wide variety of Korean snacks and drinks include an array of fruit flavors, due to a great appreciation for fruit that runs very deep in Korean culture.