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How the “MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E” Concert Made BTS and ARMYs Stronger Together

Does anyone miss going to concerts? Let alone a BTS concert? While going to concerts in person right now are

Entertainment K-Pop Music Trends

BTS Fires Up Billboard Hot #100 + More “Dynamite” Content

BTS HAS DONE IT AGAIN! After their “Dynamite” music video broke the record for most viewed video in 24 hours

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YouTube Reaction Evolution: WhatchaGot2Say

Do you ever find yourself getting recommendations from YouTube to watch reaction videos? Do you find yourself binge-watching a particular

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6 K-Pop Choreos to Warm Your Heart!

This Valentine’s Day, all you need is the love from these idol groups!

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Light Up Your World: Light Sticks and K-Pop

Light stick culture is huge in K-pop, used to cheer on your favorite artists as you wave it in the air and become one with the thousands of fans supporting their idols!

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BTS Becomes First Boyband to Address the United Nations

Along with many of their previous historical achievements, BTS has now officially become the first K-Pop group the first boyband