Red Velvet is known for their iconic title tracks like “Psycho” and “Bad Boy,” but they also have lesser-known B-sides from their earlier mini albums and their first two full-length albums that fans should be aware of. We’ve compiled a couple of their best B-sides. The songs will span from their first EP all the way to their summer 2018 EP, “Summer Magic.” Hold onto your seats! You might not b-ready for these tracks. 

Stupid Cupid

“Stupid Cupid” is bold and playful! This “Ice Cream Cake” album B-side starts off with a surprisingly western showdown sound. It is a song that appeals more to the group’s sensual, melancholic Velvet concept, but it also has a dash of energetic Red. It’s like the older sister of Red Velvet’s other B-side, “Sassy Me.” It’s safe to say it’s a solid track and it’s worth a listen! 

Light Me Up

This song is on Red Velvet’s The Velvet, which shows off their spot on vocals with a multitude of different ballads. “Light Me Up” is a classic slow jam that leans a little more towards pop. The producers also seemed to be inspired by R&B and it shows throughout the song. It creates a relaxed atmosphere with whisper notes and smooth beats that wind down into a sparkling ending. 

Day 1 

If you like Red Velvet’s “Red Flavor,” you’ll probably like this song. This B-side is bubbly and upbeat, which is understandable since it comes from an equally upbeat album called The Red. “Day 1” features plenty of snares, a sweeping note from Wendy, and a cute ending from Joy! It’s a soft girl crush song and the perfect song if you want some energy to start the day. 

Body Talk

You probably wouldn’t expect a slow synth ballad to come out of the same mini-album as the dynamic “Rookie.” Compared to the title track, “Body Talk” builds up slowly and creates a sense of longing. The clapping in the back track also adds to the suspense of this song. “Body Talk” perfectly captures a sense of anticipation of a relationship coming to an end.

Some Love

“Some Love” feels like a light festival song! The song is a nice summer song with a funny sound clip that sounds almost like it’s saying JYP. If you put it next to a song from The Red Summer album you’ll notice the similarity between the main concepts, but it’s from Russian Roulette. It makes for a good transition between both mini-albums. 

여름빛 (Mojito)

This track is light and full of summer wonder. It’s definitely a lively pop song, but it’s upbeat in a playfulway. It will make you feel like it’s the end of a warm summer day and you’re having the time of your life with your friends. “Mojito” could be in the ending scene of a coming of age indie movie. It’s also the perfect B-side if you’re on the road and want to jam out! 

Moonlight Melody

From “Perfect Velvet”, this is one of their dreamiest ballads and a perfect song for cold weather. “Moonlight Melody” seems like it would be featured on a drama OST or played in a cozy cafe in the middle of winter. The song is sweeping and gentle. It’ll make you feel warmer when it comes to an end in a whisper and a few piano notes.

Mr. E

Fun, energetic, and sassy; “Mr. E” has it all and more. The title itself is a smart play on words, Mr. E or Mystery. The members sing about their mysterious special someone. The song from “Summer Magic” is catchy and screams summer! While not as loud, the instrumentals also are a little reminiscent of “Happiness.” There are mashups of different sound bits mixed in the backtrack. 

These are Red Velvet’s hidden gems, but there are plenty more in their discography. What’s your favorite Red Velvet B-side track? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured image: Red Velvet (SM Entertainment)

Written by: Stephanie Lemus

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