K-pop stans love to talk about how their idols are completely different people onstage and off-stage. For good reason, too; the amount of times we’ve gotten whiplash from watching our biases go from cute to sexy is way too high!

Did you know that there are K-pop groups that interweave this duality into their music and the overall concept? Here are some of them!

Red Velvet

This five-member girl group has a “Red” side – playful, fun and upbeat – and a “Velvet” side – soft, mature and vocally powerful. It’s definitely this duality that makes them one of the top girl groups out there!

“Red Flavor” is a classic example of a “Red” theme with its bright colors, cute dancing, and girly lyrics. Their “Velvet” side is arguably what made their international popularity skyrocket with hits like “Bad Boy” and “Psycho.” On the other hand, their song “Peek-a-boo” has a “Red” style of music and “Velvet” lyrics and MV, giving us the best of both worlds!


This four-member girl group takes on the girl crush vibe of “Black” and the peppy summer-girl energy of “Pink” to create their own unique fusion. While most of their songs envelope the “Black” aspect, such as their hits “Kill This Love,” “Boombayah,” and “Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du;” the girls are just as good at showing off their “Pink” side – as can be seen in “As If It’s Your Last” and “Playing With Fire.”

Though it’s been quite a while since BLACKPINK showed us their “Pink” side in title tracks, the girls are ultra-adorable off-stage, and that aura definitely needs to be captured through more music!

Cherry Bullet

This is one girl group that you shouldn’t miss! They’ve only been in the scene for about a year now, but they bring a twist to the dual concept – they showcase their “Cherry” and “Bullet” sides video-game-style! This seven-member group turned up the fun in 2019 with popping beats like “Q & A” and “Ruddy.”

They released a digital single on February 11 titled “Hands Up,” which depicted their upgrade from bubble-gum, retro-style gaming to a well-polished, action-oriented simulation. It was certainly an amazing way to introduce us to their “Bullet” side!

P.S.: Their lightstick is a gorgeous cherry gun. How could it get any better than that?

Do you enjoy listening to groups with defined versatility? Are there any other groups with such a theme that you’re into? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: BLACKPINK (YG Entertainment)
Written by Hamsini Pratapa

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