The popularity of nail art has risen greatly in the last couple of years. From Instagram feeds, to Facebook updates, to YouTube videos, the trend seems to be everywhere. While American nail art is known for its bold design and length, in South Korea, the trend has taken a slightly different approach, focusing on a more minimalistic look with neutral colors. But what makes the Korean nail art stand out is its dazzling nail jewelry. 

The catalyst of this trend is a Korea-based nail artist who primarily does editorial and magazine work. Some popular nails she has done belong to Jennie, Lisa, and Jisoo of Blackpink! Being involved in the editorial world, it’s no wonder that she thought of the idea to accessorize her client’s nails in such unique and beautiful ways. 

The jewelry pictured is handmade in a variety of fashions, perfect for everyone trying to up their nail game. There are styles with more blingy, ones that look great on a neutral base, or more simple pieces that look phenomenal on a statement base. 

This style perfectly embodies Korean minimalism with just the right amount of bling and a pop of color to make a statement. Although this is not very popular in the US, this might make its way over soon just like many other Korean-inspired trends. 

Have you considered adding Korean-style jewelry to your every day looks? Would you give this trend a try? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured image: Unistella Nail Jewelry 
Written by: Elodie Hollant

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