Want to start wearing makeup, but don’t know how to shop or what to buy? Then look no further. Our guide can help you look your very best. Starting with a basic kit for makeup can always be a little tricky with so many brands of makeup available out there. No worries, the list can be narrowed down and have you looking like you with a boost of glow. You can pick and choose which steps will work for you and learn how to use it. Let’s get decorating!

Brows – Sisters, Not Twins?

Eyebrows are the frames to your face that can automatically highlight your eyes when you groom and style them. With cream gels, pencils, and powders on the market, picking one for a first timer might be difficult. But for beginners, your best bet might be powder with a neat brow gel to follow. By grooming your brows, you give them shape by applying powder, like that of Tony Moly Easy Touch Cake Eyebrow, and then fill them in for that fluffy and full effect. Then, top it off with brow gel.

Tip: Your powder should be one shade lighter than your hair.

Eyelashes – Focus on Your Look

Eyes? The window to your soul. Let your eyes speak for you, keeping them simple and attractive. This part may be tricky. Depending on your needs and wants, whether it be voluminous or waterproof for those long working days, there is a product for you. A popular mascara would be the Innisfree Skinny Microcara mascara. Have itty-bitty or long lashes, it will compliment your eyes well. Its short brush hugs your lashes while laying on product to provide you with a soft and delicate look without any smudging. Boom. Gorgeous windows to your soul.

Skin – Glowy Richness

Your skin is a part of the routine that also has its spotlight. Popular in Korea are cushion compacts. While offering you light to full coverage, they cater to everyones preference. In many cases, dewy finishes are trendy for their natural feel, mimicking real skin. The latest cushion compact is that by Etude House called Precious Mineral Any Cushion Foundation. Its formula offers lightweight, smooth, and buildable coverage. Dip your sponge into the cushion-like area and then pat the sponge on your skin… and voila! Glowy Richness to compliment glow you.

Cheeks – Rosy Apples

With your perfect foundation, you’re going to want some color brought back into those cheeks. This is essential in adding dimension to your face. Blushes come in different textures, available in powders, tints, creams, and cushions, too. But for a beginner, a cream is more practical given its easy application and control like the Etude House Blossom Picnic Cheek. Go to your mirror and smile. This will bring out the apples of your cheeks. Dab some product right onto the center of those apples and blend it out.

Cheekbones – Shine Brightly Like a Diamond

As a finishing touch to your face would have to be the highlight. The highlight has started to become a must in every person’s routine. A highlight not only accentuates your cheekbones, but it makes you sparkle fetchingly in different lights. Nowadays, highlights come in various shades from a very natural golden shine to a rainbow upbeat glow. Want a cute highlighter? Then try the Kaja Mochi Glow Highlight. Its texture feels like a cream at first, but finishes like a powder for that intense glow. When applying this product, blend it onto your cheekbones. Now every time you move, you will shine.

Extra tip: You can even apply highlight to the inner corners of your eyes to brighten them.

Lips – Pucker Up that Pout

The final detail to complete your look is your lips. For your lips, pick any color, moisturizing lip balm, or lip gloss to complement your look and personality. Because of its natural appeal, Espoir Couture Lip Fluid Velvet No. 1 Moonlit is a favorite for many. Now pucker your lips and dab some product in the middle and then go ahead and blend it out into the corners. This delicate soft nude will wrap your lips in velvet couture.

Makeup nowadays is viewed as a form of expression and beauty, helping everyone bring out their true artistic self. How will you do your first makeup look? Let us know in the comments.

Cover Image: The Daebak Company
Written by Kimberly Mendoza

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