LOONA is finally back with their third mini-album “12:00” alongside a music video for their title track “Why Not?” The mini-album consists of 8 tracks that must be heard in one sitting to get the full LOONA experience.

On Oct. 20 at midnight (KST), LOONA held its first-ever online concert through MyMusicTaste. Their concert was called LOONATHEWORLD: Midnight Festival. The members got to perform their old songs from previous albums, including “Curiosity” and “Heat.” The members also got to celebrate both Heejin and Chuu’s birthday towards the end of the concert.

For this comeback, LOONA went all out with their concept. Their title track “Why Not?” is an upbeat electro-pop song that shares the message to all their fans to be confident within themselves. At the beginning of the song, Heejin starts rapping, and as the song progresses, it has a strong funky bass and an addicting chorus. Each of the members was able to showcase their talents in both rapping and vocals. LOONA is one of the most versatile groups in the K-pop scene. From debuting with a cute concept “Hi High” in 2018 to the girl crush concept with “So What,” LOONA can prove that they can do any concept and make it their own.

“Voice” is their second promotion song. It is an energetic retro song with a deep repetitive beat that can be addicting once you listen for the first time. The song is about enjoying the feeling of love and going on the journey in an uncontrollable enthusiasm. LOONA shows a different side with their song “Fall Again,” a slow r&b with sentimental lyrics and soft instrumentals. The song is about reminiscing a past love and wanting to go back to those happy memories.

One of the things that make LOONA stand out the most is their music videos. Their music videos are cinematic and full of Loona Lore, a concept that the group started from the beginning of their first member debut. Fans of LOONA, also known as Orbits, are always theorizing music videos, concepts, styles of each member, etc.

Check their music video below:

LOONA once again proves to their fans that loving yourself and having the confidence to push forward is the most important thing to learn. What do you think of LOONA’s new comeback? Let us know down in the comments below!

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