Coming up with a dance routine is pretty tough work. However, a skilled choreographer can make the task seem like child’s play. Whether you dance, or just like to watch people dance, you’ll have fun bingeing on these fierce choreographers’ videos.

1. Leejung

Leejung is an impossibly cool hip-hop choreographer. With a sharp and bold way of dancing, her moves always fall on the beat with the music. She has an air of confidence, almost bordering on cockiness, that shines through the choreography and is translated through her fierce expressions. Her choreography embodies how she feels: cool and confident. 

2. Yeji Kim

Yeji Kim is a choreographer who is best described as one who creates based on the song. Dabbling in street hip-hop as well as more Latin inspired hip-hop, she can adapt herself to almost any genre of music and still be in her element. She moves fluidly and always remembers to keep her face just as expressive as her body. 

3. Tina Boo

A common element you’ll see in Tina Boo’s choreos is storytelling. Her dances all have a narrative element to them, meaning that she uses her moves to tell the same story the song does. Her bold and expressive moves all add to her theatrical way of creating a stellar piece of choreography. 

4. Amy Park

Amy Park’s choreography screams fun, flirty, and fierce girl-group. She has a confident aura which makes anyone watching feel just as confident as she does. Her body language and facial expressions all tie in to create the girl-group vibe.

5. Redlic

There’s only one word that can describe Redlic’s preferred type of choreography, and that is sultry. Just like all the other women in this list, she exudes an overwhelming sense of confidence that can be felt through the screen. Her fluid, yet sharp movements all help elevate her alluring vibe. 

While choreographing isn’t easy, hopefully seeing these women create these dances can inspire you to try your hand in the process as well. Who was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover image: Leejong Choreo Class
Written by: Elodie Hollant

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