Hi Daebak Fam!

I am an American who is not fluent in Korean. My friends know that I LOVE K-pop and I usually get questions like, “Why do you like k-pop?” or “Why do you like k-pop when you don’t understand Korean?” . Have you had a similar experience?

In my opinion, music is universal. As long as it sounds good, and I can vibe to the beat and feel the music what’s the difference? Song lyrics can be translated through translating apps or a quick google search, so language isn’t a barrier! As a fellow K-Pop music lover, I understand wanting to share your love for K-Pop with your friends. It becomes difficult to share when you come across a friend who doesn’t fully comprehend the concept of listening to music they can’t understand.

Don’t worry, I have a solution. I have curated a playlist of songs from Korean Artists that are in English for you to share with your friends. If they were hesitant because of language, I hope this playlist makes it a little easier for them to consume the music goodness that is K-Pop!

Shout out to Monsta X who recently made a whole album in English! The album is called ALL ABOUT LUV and features 11 songs. This album is a little more on the softer side compared to their previous albums. The album is a pop-oriented album with “electro-pop and R&B melodies”, a noted difference from the dance music on their Korean releases. Here are three music videos of my favorite songs from the album. Hope you enjoy!

Do you have any favorite songs from K-pop artists that aren’t on the playlist? List them in the comments!

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