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Etude House

Company Background: Established in 1995, Etude House is a household name in the K-Beauty industry known for its wide range of high-quality skin care and makeup products. The brand takes its name from Chopin’s études and aspires to create products that exude the same bubbly energy. Tailored for young women, Etude House produces easy-to-use and affordable products in whimsical packaging that make makeup and skin care fun from start to finish! The Korean brand is known for its cute and ever-changing packaging, with annual collaborations that make each iteration a collectible.

Here are some of the products that I (Donna) have personally tried and loved!

Cherry Jelly Lips Patch (Vitalizing)

These Cherry Jelly Lips Patches are saviors when the weather gets dry!
I add this to my night time skin care routine about once a week or whenever I feel like my lips need some extra help! First, I exfoliate my lips with a lip scrub to get all the extra dead skin off. Then, I apply this for 10-15 minutes. Lastly, I remove the lip patch and pat the residue that is left into my lips and finish it off with some lip balm!

Oh M’Eye Line

OH MY this eyeliner is great! I love a brush style applicator liquid eyeliner because I like to have my winged eyeliner on point! Now, I will say, this is a wet formula and it does need time to dry, but once it does dry it stays on for the whole day! My go to color is black, but it also comes in brown and blue as well!

5 Layer Multi Cotton Pads

Love. These. Things. I’ve been trying the Korean night time skincare routine for quite a while, and with that there comes a lot of serums and toners you have to put on your face! I have always felt so wasteful using thick cotton pads, but these solve the problem! Each pad can be pulled apart into 5 layers so that you can use one layer for removing makeup, the next for your toner, the next for your essence, and so on. These pads will last you a while!


Sometimes there’s a disconnect between cute packaging and great product, but not with Etude house! Their eyeshadows haven’t let me down yet. The palettes are super wearable and they have a good variety of color ways to fit your style. Right now there may be an Etude house surprise in your Fall Box if you get lucky! Otherwise, the eyeshadows are easy to use and easy to blend!

What do you think about Etude House? Are there some products that you would like to try? Let me know in the comments below! Wondering where you can get some Etude House products? Click here to visit our Daebak Shop!

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