Jeju is a small island south of Korea and is home to numerous beaches, peaks, volcanic landscapes, and UNESCO heritage sites. It’s usually a must for tourists in South Korea to visit Jeju — even if it’s just for a day. If you’re thinking of wanting to explore the island more but don’t know where to start, here is a 4-day itinerary for Jeju-do Island! 

Day 1

  • Mount Hallasan

Start your day off with a morning hike at Korea’s highest mountain. Mount Hallasan is a UNESCO world heritage site sure to take your breath away. Bask in the beauty of nature and feel the crisp Jeju air as you make your way to the peak. The mountain is open all year round and the entrance is free. There are multiple hiking trails to choose from, and the hikes are fairly easy. The most popular hike takes around two hours (including breaks) but it’s worth it once you reach the peak and see the beauty Jeju island has to offer. 

  • Seogwipo Natural Recreation Forest

Jeju is known for its outstanding views and nature-touched land. Located at the Southernmost point of Korea is a forest home to exotic plants and trees. Go for a walk or camp surrounded by greenery and breathe in the cool mist of the forest. Take time to unwind from the bustling of the city and take in the beauty and serenity of nature. 

Day 2 

  • Horse Riding in Jeju

Start Day 2 by paying a visit to the Jeju Horse riding farm! Make your way through tall trees and lush plants all while riding a horse. It’s what K-drama dreams are made of! If you want a change of scenery, try riding a horse by the beach. The sound of waves crashing accompanied by the view of the vast ocean will definitely get you in that island state-of-mind. 

  • Take a hop on-hop off tour bus around Jeju City 

Amidst all nature is the beautiful Jeju City. Half a day is not enough to explore every inch of this magnificent city but with a hop-on-hop-off tour, you can get a glimpse of the culture and the sites it has to offer. Sightsee at your own pace afterward to indulge even more in the rich culture and history of the city. 

  • Eat Jeju’s famous barbequed black pork  

Finish a tiring day with Jeju’s famous barbequed black pork. Jeju is filled with restaurants serving this delicious pork, so it wouldn’t be too hard finding a place to eat. Juicy and tender, locals and tourists come back for this mouthwatering dish. The pork is usually cooked in front of you, so the aroma mixed with a hungry stomach is sure to make you go crazy for more!

Day 3 

  • Hamdeok Beach 

White sand, crystal blue water, and serenity; this is Hamdeok Beach! A popular summer getaway, the beach is a local favorite. Either start your day by watching the sunrise, go for an afternoon swim, or hold a night picnic by the white sands. Hamdeok Beach is the perfect place if you want a little “escape” time. 

  • Jeongbang Waterfall 

A waterfall that falls right into the ocean? That’s what makes Jeongbang Waterfall one-of-a-kind! It is known as the only waterfall in Asia to fall right into the ocean as well as one of the largest in South Korea. Once you get a sight of this magnificent wonder, you’ll understand all the hype surrounding it. 

  • Innisfree Jeju House

Jeju is home to Korea’s beloved skincare brand: Innisfree. That is why the island hosts Innisfree’s “Jeju House,” where visitors can experience everything about the brand and engage in various activities such as personalized soap-making. Visitors are surrounded by harvested ingredients that are used in our favorite Innisfree products. A must for any beauty addict!

Day 4

  • Seongsan Ilchulbong 

Start your last day in Jeju by walking up to the peak of Seongsan Ilchulbong and looking at the city from an omniscient view one last time! Seongsan Illchulbong, also known as “Sunrise Peak,” is another UNESCO heritage site and is one of Jeju’s most famous geographical features. The view from the top is the best to watch a sunrise, so get up a little earlier and head off to the peak. You will not regret it! 

  • Manjanggul Cave 

End your trip to Jeju by visiting Manjanggul Cave, the twelfth longest lava tube in the world and second longest in the whole island. The cave is a UNESCO heritage site and is a must-see when in Jeju. Various cave formations complemented by colorful lighting is what makes this site a feast for the eyes. Get to experience nature’s true and beautiful form as you walk through the cave.

Jeju island sure has something to please every tourist, no wonder it keeps popping up among the most popular destinations in South Korea. Will you be adding any of these to your itinerary? Let us know in the comments below! 

Cover Image: Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak
Written by Frances Eusebio


  • Cynthia, April 9, 2020 @ 2:16 pm Reply

    Thank you so much. I love this! I want to travel to South Korea but didn’t not know where to start. Jeju island was on my list.

    • Daebak Team, April 13, 2020 @ 4:03 am Reply

      It’s on a few of our lists as well! When it’s safe to visit, please do let us know how your trip goes~

  • Smitha Thapa, April 23, 2020 @ 2:35 pm Reply

    Thank u so much. Me and my bestie planning trip to Korea since being obsessed with K Dramas for a very very a long time . Jeju is on my list of must visit places when that trip does happen. Thank u for this post. I look forward to my trip even more 😊🥰

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