Flowers that bloom in winter are the strong ones, is that the case for this relationship? Starring Park Min-young from What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? and Seo Kang-joon from Are You Human Too?, JTBC’s new drama, I’ll Go To You When The Weather is Nice takes us to a small town where a budding romance starts to blossom in the middle of winter. 

Cellist, Mok Hae-won, played by Park Min-young has hardened due to her bad experiences in the big city. Sick of living in the fast-paced Seoul, she retreats back to her hometown. There she butts heads with her novelist aunt played by Moon Jung-hee (Vagabond) and she also runs into Im Eun-seob, played by Seo Kang-joon, the owner of a local bookstore and whom she went to high school with. Hae-won has to go back to Seoul when spring comes but will the time spent at the local bookstore with its insomniac owner and the countryside life change her mind? 

Warning: This section contains some spoilers.

The first episode about the pair’s “reconnection” is light but pensive. The pacing is slow as both lead characters dance around their dark thoughts and nostalgia about the past. Hae-won has lost her job due to unfortunate events and resorts to going back to her hometown to live with her pessimistic aunt. There Hae-won keeps seeing her neighbor Eun-seob; a man she went to school with but whom she doesn’t know that well. The twist is Eun-seob remembers our protagonist perfectly. 

Hae-won is curious about the Good Night Bookstore so the pair talk and bond. Surprisingly, the episode shifts to show the story again but from Eun-seob’s perspective. An interesting take on the usually one-sided portrayal of relationships in dramas, especially this early on.

Eun-seob runs a blog to deal with his ongoing insomnia where he also writes about pining over a girl named Irene. It’s easy to connect the dots and see that Hae-won is Irene. It’s endearing seeing that Eun-seob is head over heels for her. Then the episode seemingly transitions to the pair going off to a high school reunion where you meet some of their colorful old classmates. It’s warm and friendly until surprisingly (or not) Eun-seob confesses that he used to like Hae-won. You’ll definitely feel secondhand embarrassment as the tension shoots up but it doesn’t last for long. The episode ends with him about to write a self-deprecating blog post when Hae-won knocks on the door. Eun-seob ends up acting a little awkward and embarrassed yet it makes his character all the more lovable. 

Episode 2 has the same pacing as the first episode but it fleshes out the world more. We meet more of the town’s residents at Eun-seob’s book club. A rebellious daughter of the town’s pharmacist, a salesman trying to sell LED lights, a grandpa that roasts every food item, his grandson, and Eun-seob’s little sister. The scene feels like a warm memory or at least what a good memory should be like. It felt like a real small town and the cast great chemistry was obvious.

But not everything is cheerful in this sleepy city. Things get a little more mysterious as Hae-won’s aunt shows signs of hiding a secret illness. Whether or not this is what caused her cranky attitude isn’t answered right away building tension for the rest of the series. 

Later, the two leads drink together along with Eun-seob’s comic relief best friend, Lee Jae-woo (played by Lee Jae-wook). The characters’ chemistry adds so much dimension to their adorable interactions. The episode also delivers a bit of character development when you learn about Hae-won’s past and why she has closed herself up. Another twist is thrown at the viewers when that reason shows up at the bookstore—her ex-best friend, Kim Bo-young. 

These two episodes will leave you with a craving for more. There are so many mysteries left to uncover in this small town. Why does Eun-seob call Hae-won Irene? Where will the tension between Hae-won and her aunt lead to? And ultimately, what will be of Eun-seob and Hae-won fates when spring comes? Only future episodes will tell us but we hope this drama keeps on delivering with its heart-warming plot and characters. 

I’ll Go To You When The Weather Is Nice is available on Viki with new episodes airing weekly.

Cover Image: I’ll Go To You When The Weather Is Nice (JTBC)
Written by Stephanie Lemus

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