Hi Daebak Fam! To celebrate the holidays, The Daebak Interns have compiled a list of some of our favorite K-pop Christmas songs for you. All of these are listed in no particular order!

Read about what each intern loves about each song!

Christmassy! – THE BOYZ (Donna’s Pick)

Let’s start by a new original song by The Boyz! I am a new “The B” (더비) (have you heard/seen “Stealer” by them?!) so I was super excited for this newly released Christmas song by them! It’s about how when they see their special person they get reminded of this “christmassy” feeling. This music video is adorable and I feel like I’m being asked to a Winter Wonderland Prom by 11 handsome boys! Each member will ask you to Christmas in their own unique and cute way. There’s no way you can say no to them! – Donna

Lonely Christmas – Monsta X (Donna’s Pick)

This song sounds upbeat and happy like the previous song, but the lyrics are quite different. In this song Monsta X describes a girl who’s playing hard to get and who happens to leave them lonely on Christmas Day. All they want is that special someone to spend this holiday with. & All I want is to see them in concert one day! – Donna

Dynamite (Holiday Remix)BTS (Jenna’s pick)

The reason why I chose ‘Dynamite’ (Holiday Remix Ver.) is because of how jolly it sounds! I thought ‘Dynamite’s’ original version was already very positive, but the holiday remix version just made it more joyful to listen too. I think it is great to have a remix version for the holidays because it would be a great song to play while you spend time with family and/or if you are spending the holidays alone due to the pandemic. It is a song that I feel like will get us through the end of the year and it will definitely put a smile on all of our faces. I also recommend watching the videos that BANGTANTV posted of the members singing along to ‘Dynamite’ (Holiday Remix Ver.) would make any room much more brighter. I hope everyone has a happy holidays! – Jenna

Wish Tree – Red Velvet (Norma’s Pick)

My favorite K-pop Christmas song is Wish Tree by Red Velvet. It was one of the first Christmas songs I heard from Red Velvet, and I fell in love. The song has a deep meaning of showing your true feeling with the person you love. The members’s vocals are also beautiful. – Norma

Christmas Day – EXO (Olivia’s Pick)

For the Kpop Christmas song recommendation I think any song from EXO’s Miracles in December album are great, but I always go back to Christmas Day. EXO was the first group that really got me into Kpop back in 2014/2015. I’m not really a Christmas person but I really enjoy this album so that says a lot! – Olivia

Just Because – Baek A Yeon ft JB of Got7 (Farah’s Pick)

This song is about how they were looking back at previous holidays reminiscing about a special person who is not there anymore so now they’re feeling bittersweet. There’s this line in the chorus where they sang “should I just call, I’m curious on how you are right now, You just popped into my mind.” and that line is my favorite because when else do we feel reminiscent if it’s not the holidays? – Farah

Confession Song – GOT7 (Brianna’s Pick)

From the sound of the jingle bells that let you know it’s the holiday season, to each member’s distinctive and heartwarming vocals that melt our hearts during the cold winter season, this song by GOT7 is a true holiday treat! – Brianna

On The Snow by EXO (Brianna’s Pick)
The soft, and yet, upbeat melody that is paired up with the powerful vocals of each EXO member, makes this the perfect song to listen to during the first snowfall of winter. Dynamite (Holiday Remix) by BTS. As much as I love the original version of this song, this particular remix is the perfect song for the holiday season because not only does it lighten and brighten up your spirits, but it also brings you a sense of joy and comfort to your heart that was gifted by BTS themselves. – Brianna

Coming Home by NCT U (Brianna’s Pick)
If you are looking for a sentimental song that showcases emotionality and a reach for hope during the holiday season, this song by NCT U is the one to listen too. – Brianna

We couldn’t fit all the K-pop Christmas songs we love on this article, so I made a playlist on Spotify with all of our favorites and honorable mentions! Happy Holidays Daebak Fam! Stay safe and take care! – Donna

What’s your favorite k-pop Chistmas song??

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