As summer is ending its relentless heat waves and the long-awaited coolness of fall is approaching, it’s not only the perfect time to pull out your sweaters it’s the perfect time for you to start thinking on how to change up your skincare routine.

Your skin is battling a double edge sword between the colder temperatures outside and the heat from the heaters you most likely have on full blast to combat the cold. A simple savior for your skin is having a hydrating mist handy so you can refresh your face from its fragile state. It’s also helpful to note that spraying yourself with a hydrating mist when you come out of a hot shower can seal in moisture and avoid the tight feeling you may have after being under hot water.

Moisturizer plays a big role in any skincare routine to ensure there are no unwanted breakouts, oil or dryness. So although you may grimace at the thought of a heavier moisturizer there are many out on the market that work to intensely hydrate without the feeling like you’ve clogged up your pores and are weighing down your skin.

Hydrating masks are all the craze right now and I think we can all admit they’re pretty fun to do. Rubber masks target different skin concerns, for example, some nourish, others are infused with charcoal to purify and some contain amino acids to boost collagen. There are endless brands and types of facemasks out on the market today so experiment and find the one that works best for you.

Did you know that the skin around your eyes is the thinnest as well as showing off dark circles? Using a moisturizing eye cream every morning and night will help to coat and protect this ever so sensitive area. Wearing eye masks can also assist to give you a boost to achieve a glowing look.

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Stepping up your exfoliation game is key as one of the most common concerns during the fall and winter time is the flakiness around the nose area. It’s not only the cold you have to fret about but what you’re putting your nose through with constantly blowing and wiping it. Though there is no specific amount of times that exfoliating should be done in a week, it should be around three depending on your own skin types.

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Even the little kid knows!!! 🌹Exfoliation is very important in skin care from face to body. It should be a a regular routine which depends on your type of skin 🌻People who complain that good skin care products used hardly have no effect on their skin have probably not tried exfoliation 🍀Exfoliation opens up the pore spaces by taking blemishes away so skin care products penetrate properly and take proper action. It helps to remove dead skin cells. Try exfoliation today and if you are in doubt which scrub to try just ask me😁 P.S. Too much of it is unhealthy for the skin. Send a dm let’s talk more. You’ll be glad you did #skincare #skincarememes #routine #exfoliate #bodyscrubs #facialscrubs #prettyladies #beautifulskin #healthyskin #treatyourskinright #freeconsultation #beautyroutine #oriflameproducts #oriflamescrubs #oriflameconsultant #nigerianskinbeauty #nigerianwomen #nigerianmums

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