With the growing interest of what someone else’s life looks like came the interest in vlogging, typically posting short videos as to what a day (or a week) in their life is like. Cafe vlogs became quite popular due to the aesthetically-pleasing combination of cinematography, ASMR, the process of making a good cup of coffee, and accompanying it with a sweet of your choice. Here are some of YouTube’s popular Korean cafes to visit. 

Cafeslave Jun – Good Simple Cafe

Good Simple Cafe is a small coffee shop run by Jun or better yet known by his internet persona, “Cafeslave Jun.” Located in Yeoju-gun, Gyeonggi Province, the cafe is known to have a variety of sweets and drinks that will surely satisfy anyone’s craving. Jun started his channel back in June of 2019 with a video of what it’s like to be a barista. Slowly, his channel has grown and Jun ended up celebrating the new year with his channel hitting 100,000 subscribers!

Bobe – Zakdang

Cafe Zakdang is located in Cheongju-si and operated by coffee maker, Bobe. Having started her channel in October, Bobe shares with viewers her wide range of drinks and treats. One of her favorites is her thickly delicious sandwiches. Along with being a customer favorite, Bobe has shared with her subscribers just how to eat these appetizing sandwiches.

Sagun Caffeine – Omelas Coffee

A highly-addicting drink to match an equally-addicting channel to watch. Sagun Caffeine works at Omelas Coffee, located in Incheon Bupyeong-gu. With a shop that consists of specialty coffee roasting and their famous strawberry tiramisu, their channel includes a variety of content. From vlogs to coffee tutorials, Sagun Caffeine lives up to his YouTube banner “No Caffeine, No Gain.”

Joojoo Recipe – Cafemond

Joojoo Recipe takes you behind the scenes as to what it’s like to run Cafemond. Specializing mainly in tarts, you can find her on YouTube preparing the shop’s popular menu item: a marshmallow chocolate cookie tart. If you’re looking to take a bite out of this sweet treat, you can visit the shop located in the district of Buk-gu in the city of Pohang.

Aya Coffee – Aya Coffee

With a YouTube channel and a coffee shop to match, Aya Coffee is run by a couple who specializes in coffee latte art. The duo uploads daily vlogs as well as latte art tutorials on their channel to share with viewers. Whatever design makes it onto your coffee depends on how the duo is feeling that day! You can visit them and try some of their handcrafted drinks in Songpa-gu, Seoul.

Looking for something to watch while having your morning cup of coffee? Give any of these channels (and if possible, their shops) a visit!

What coffee shop would you like to visit if you could? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: Lee Jong-hyuk from AYA Coffee
Written by Briseida Rivera

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