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Many of us international fans were first introduced to K-pop through YouTube– specifically by “react” videos. Reaction videos have been very popular on YouTube recently, especially in the online K-pop community, but they were especially made famous by the Fine Brothers Entertainments’ “REACT” series. FBE was actually the first react channel on YouTube. They do a variety of reaction videos that include “Elders React,” “Teens React,” “Kids React,” “College Kids React,” “Adults React,” “YouTubers React,” etc. Oftentimes, they have the different groups react to popular content at the moment such as movie trailers, controversial topics, new music videos, viral videos, etc.

“REACT” has covered many of the popular K-pop songs throughout the years and continues to regularly to this day as the Korean Wave has continued to spread internationally and online.

Personally, I first discovered K-pop through the Fine Brothers’ “React” series in 2012. This helped me to discover groups I had not known of before or find certain K-pop songs I like.

Here are all of the reaction videos produced by Fine Brothers Entertainment so far, including videos about specific K-pop groups, the genre, etc. made from the beginning up to today. There are some additional videos where K-pop is briefly referenced or a music video is one of many other pop-culture topics covered in a video. Due to the already long list of videos, the more generic or less-focused videos are not listed.

As you binge, you will see a variety of reactions and they tend to get more positive and progressive as years go by. With this in mind, be fairly warned that some early reactions may seem ignorant, offensive, and stereotyping.

I hope you will have fun watching!

React to K-pop

“Beetlejuice Skrillex?”

“They’re becoming a human Transformer.”

“This is like boy band, Macklemore, and Limp Bizkit all in one.”

This was probably my first introduction to BTS.

“See, look, they’re in danger and they’re just having a great time. It’s a metaphor for life.”

“It’s a new form of Polly Pocket!”

“I’m too sober for this right now!”

“This has kind of got a Hot Topic feel to it. I don’t know if they have that over there, but they should get it.”

“It wouldn’t be the Fine Bros without some K-pop, would it?”

“It’s so colourful! It makes me happy!”

This was one of the first reaction videos to K-pop. It was posted a few months before “Gangnam Style” was released and there was a lot of mixed reactions upon the first exposure to the genre.

“Where’s the volume button at? Bump this!”

“How could you not be excited about this?!”

“You’re not going to fall asleep to this music.”

React to K-Hip Hop

This is “technically” not K-pop, but many of us who are fans of K-pop love hip-hop artists like Jay Park therefore this “Teens React” deserved honourable mention.

“This is definitely different from K-pop.”

“He’s a firebender.”

React to PSY

“Is this song about riding horses?”

“Is this another weird music video?”

“Oh, I like Psy– he’s um… Psycho! Psyche! Psyche? Psy!”

“Music should be international–I guess it is.”

Rather than reacting to the music video for Gangnam Style, the teens read and reacted to the english translation of the lyrics before finding out what song it was!

“There’s so many songs about getting drunk… and now…the song about what happens after!”

“I feel like his music video is exactly copying Gangnam Style.”

“I used to call him my husband… until I found out he was married and had twins.”

“I don’t care if it’s never gonna be as popular as Gangnam Style, but, man, he’s got it.”

“It’s like new Gangnam Style.”

React to BTS

“I’ve heard of K-pop. I’ve been in the YouTube comments before.”

“They’re so aggressive sounding but so soft looking.”

“They move better than the Temptations.”

“I don’t understand a word that you’re saying but I sure like watching you move.”

“We’re sick of fake love and fake news.”

“I’m glad they are here because they bring something special.”

“The lyrics of the songs can appeal to the masses.”

“They’re all in sync, but remember the *NSYNC?”

One of these reactors also danced with BTS as a backup dancer when BTS appeared on “America’s Got Talent.”

“There’s so many of them and they’re all so talented.”

“It’s like rapping…but these are like the nicest lyrics possible.”

This video includes a little “BTS” or “Behind-the-Scenes” of the last video and talks more in-depth of how one of the reactors danced with BTS on “America’s Got Talent.”

Teens React to EXO

“Swag level to the max.”

College Kids React to BLACKPINK

“You get the best of both worlds– you get the sweet and you get the spicy!”

“Girl power to the max right here!”

College Kids React to Mamamoo

“Can we just talk about how revolutionary this is?!”

“How is every song a bop?”

Generations React to NCT

“We like K-pop because K-pop is amazing.”

“Kinda like a bunch of male Beyoncés, you know?”

Last but not least, FBE did a reaction video where MOMOLAND did the “Try Not To Sing” Challenge!

For the first time, Fine Brothers Entertainment had special guests, their first K-pop group to be reactors! The 8 out of 9 members of MOMOLAND had to react to various popular K-pop music videos including a couple of their own! We see in this video that idols can fangirl over other K-pop groups just like us!

Nancy revealed that she is a fan of the “REACT” series!

“You don’t have to win sometimes. I think it’s okay.”

“We’ve listened to this song a million times. We’re just immune to it now.”

And here is the Behind-the-Scenes video for it as well!

Ahin also revealed that she watches the “REACT” series!

What is your favourite reaction video? How did you discover K-pop?

Let us know in the comments below!

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