Don’t Walk But Run! Running Man is a variety show with joy, laughter, competitions, and togetherness. For over 10 years, Running Man has been going with the main MC Yoo Jae Suk and 6 other members. Running Man has become a hit in the variety world and is still going on. With that said, located in the heart of Insadong is a running interactive place where one can experience different tasks and experience running man. Here are the rules, you have 2 hours to complete as much of the task as you want. The more the points and the quicker, the better.

First, you are given a wristband with your choice of three colors to choose from. You must then tap at all the “R” symbols on the wall to get points, but beware… some won’t light up because they aren’t associated with your color.

Next, complete as many tasks as you possibly can and keep playing even if you have finished. Tasks can range from throwing a ball into a net, jump roping, to yelling in a mic. In the end, you are then rewarded with gifts depending on your points.

This is definitely a must-go if you are a running man fan because it’s both fun and exciting. Following the Running Man interactive, you can visit Poo Poo land right next to it. The name speaks for itself, but if you love taking cute and aesthetic pictures, this is a must.

Tip: If you are traveling and want to experience Insadong Running Man and Poo Poo Land, take a look at their bundle package where you get a two in one deal!

All in all, this is a must-go if you are itching to be competitive with friends, or just to take pictures. If you got a few hours to spare, head on over! But remember don’t walk, but run.

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