When in Korea, it’s always best to visit the tourist attractions, indulge in the rich culture, shop ‘til you drop, and most importantly, fill your stomach! Korea is known as a hub for good food, which is why Koreans and tourists eat to their heart’s content. If you are new to the country or want to try out new places, what a better way to find where to eat at than from our beloved Korean idols and actors! 

Gino’s New York Pizza

Famous for their big ingredient-filled pizzas, Gino’s New York Pizza is definitely a must-try. Ranging from pepperoni to meat-stuffed pizzas, you’ll have a hard time choosing which one to get. Once you enter the restaurant, the scent of different pizza toppings will enrapture your senses. Gino’s NY Pizza is also known as one of the best pizza places in Seoul! That’s probably why SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu can be seen enjoying a slice. 


If you’re an ARMY, then this cafe is undoubtedly familiar. Cafe&Gather is the place where BTS shot Episode 45 of RUN BTS. Buy an iced Americano or hot latte, and pair it with a handmade chocolate cake and you’ve got yourself a heavenly combination! Indulge yourself in the calm ambiance, and don’t forget to snap a picture at the neon pink sign, just like BTS’ V! 

Cafe 89 Mansion

Some Korean celebs are known to have their own restaurants or cafes. A well-known example is actor Lee Jong-suk’s Cafe 89 Mansion! Go on and fill your stomach with creamy pasta, cheesy pizzas, and savory steaks! Once you’re done, take a picture by the famous transparent heart wall. Always stay alert, sometimes Lee Jong-suk can be seen here! 

Ikdong Butcher and Bistro 

If you like NCT and good food, this is the place for you! Featured in NCT Life: Hot and Young Seoul Trip, this is the restaurant where Yuta and Kun ate! Take a bite of their aromatic steaks, and you’ll definitely be wanting more. Yuta and Kun can’t seem to hide their satisfaction as they fill themselves with the delicious meal! Just as the food is good, the setting and ambiance of the place make a perfect atmosphere! Filled with greenery and a rustic mood, Ikdong Butcher and Bistro takes on a classier side. 

Darobe Pizza 

Reveluvs can agree that Red Velvet’s Yeri has a heart for good food. That is why Darobe Pizza is definitely worth a try! Thin crust, Napoli-style pizza is their specialty, and you’ll be able to find classics such as marinara and margherita. Don’t forget to pair a slice with either your favorite soda or a glass of wine! 

Cafe the Wal’z

Cafe the Wal’z is one of a kind cafe for dog lovers! A place where puppies freely roam around so you can enjoy small furry friends as you sip on your favorite cold drink! TXT’s leader Soobin went to this cafe in an episode of TALK X TODAY. What a better way than to enjoy an afternoon surrounded by pups and good coffee at Cafe the Wal’z! 

Have you visited any of the restaurants or cafes above? Which one would you like to try? Leave a comment down below! 

Cover image: Lee Jong-suk (A-Man Project)
Written by Frances Eusebio

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