K-pop draws many fans in with flashy stages, intense choreography, and various styling of idols. One of the first things that many people see when entering the K-pop world are the actual music videos themselves. Music videos are a huge aspect of K-pop, usually accompanying a listener’s first experience with a song and serving to highlight the members of the group or enhance the lyrics and emotions.

Here are five unique sets from music videos that provide a unique experience with transitions that are rare to find.

“Annie” – Toppdogg

Debuting in 2013, ToppDogg was under Hunus Entertainment. 2014’s “Annie,” short for anniversary, was a tribute to their first anniversary and featured an old school sound complete with records as props for the dance.

The music video is a masterpiece with a continuous scrolling tower made up of the members in different boxes, singing their parts or doing choreography. Since it is an anniversary song to fans, they focus a lot on the individual members getting screen time and acting playful. There are also long horizontal rooms that show a wide shot of the members dancing so you can really see the overall movements and use of the records. The whole song scrolls through a mishmash of rooms and members until it finally hits the bottom and the song ends.

“Catch Me!” – UP10TION

UP10TION’s second album release hosted a catchy song with a really fun music video called “Catch Me!” The members are shown playing a game of hide-and-seek with their center Wooshin, who travels through a variety of props and rooms to find each of them. There’s so much to see in the music video that it takes several watches! The members are hilarious as they try to avoid Wooshin or escape him, using the lack of reason throughout the world. Entering boxes can lead into other rooms and doors can lead back into the same room, and there is even a room where you can summon pixel swords or a hadouken, fitting the overall game theme. 

“What’s Happening”- B1A4

“What’s Happening” has the perfect mix of weird rooms, including a completely sealed box with the member CNU trapped inside, an elevator, and a room that only has a hole for someone’s head to peek in. The goal of B1A4 is to interrupt the romantic interactions between two dolls who are in their own room while the guy doll works to keep them out. It’s an entertaining story complete with Baro the rapper trying to fight the doll in an elevator. The whole plot is centered around the quirky use of odd rooms that B1A4 navigates through.

“I Don’t Care”- NU’EST W with Spoonz

NU’EST W participated in a collaboration to help promote Spoonz’s cute characters. There are only four rooms, one for each character and NU’EST W member. Each room showcases a different color that corresponds to the Spoonz character: white, pink, blue and mint green. The members interact playfully outside their rooms, but when inside, they play various games or eat alone until they decide to visit each other. The maknae, Ren, likes to burst into the other’s spaces to mess around. It’s a lighthearted video that really appeals to fans who can see the members simply being cute. 

“I Think I” – Super Junior

Super Junior released “I Think I” towards the end of 2019. Paired with a mature and romantic song, the actual set of the music video takes place in a single subway station. The impressive transitions and one-takes create the illusion of movement throughout the video. It beautifully works with the individual members’ parts, making the video dynamic and interesting. We can recognize many of the same locations being used throughout the video (only four or five), yet it feels as if the members are taking us through Wonderland with clever transitions. Look out for a shot of the members that is actually a picture on a booth or the use of luggage as a way to transition into a different part of the subway. 

With so many concepts to look at today, it’s important to use the music video as a way to make the song memorable!

Cover Image: NU’EST W (Pledis Entertainment)
Written by Annikki Leppa

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