The long wait is over, KARD has finally made their return.

KARD has officially released their new single album “Way With Words” on August 26, alongside with a music video for the title track “GUNSHOT.”

The single album contains three songs, “AH EE YAH,” “GUNSHOT,” and “HOLD ON.” The title track “GUNSHOT” expresses how words can be powerful and, at the same time, hurtful. One of the members, BM, participated in the composition and arrangement and wrote the lyrics alongside J.seph.

If you are not familiar with KARD then let’s give you a brief introduction!

KARD, a South Korean co-ed group formed by DSP Media. The groups consist of four members Somin, BM, J.seph, and Jiwoo. They officially debuted on July 19th, 2017, with their title track “Hola Hola.” Before their official debut, the group released a few project singles such as “Oh NaNa” featuring Heo Young-ji, “Don’t Recall,” and “Rumor.” Their official fandom name is Hidden Kard.

After the release of their final project, “Rumor,” it charted at #1 in 13 countries on iTunes’ K-pop chart and remained high on main iTunes charts in the U.S, Southeast Asia, and Europe. You can check out their music video for “Rumor” down below:

After their official debut, KARD had their first “Wild Kard” tour in Europe and North America in September 2017. They had five European dates in London, Lisbon, Milan, Madrid, and Rotterdam and five North American dates in Washington, D.C, Minneapolis, New York City, Miami, and San Fransisco.

KARD is a versatile group that could digest any concept and makes it their own. This year 2020 marks KARD’s third anniversary. The members were able to celebrate together by taking cute group pictures and doing a V live for their fans.

Their music video “GUNSHOT” gets intense. Make sure to check down below:

Are you a fan of KARD’s new comeback? What kind of music do you expect for them in the future? Let us know down in the comments below!

Feature image: DSP Media

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