With winter leaving and spring rolling in, it’s time to revamp our wardrobes. The cold air calls for thick and heavy outerwear but with warmer days just around the corner, you’ll want to shed those layers. Take this list on your next shopping spree to help you transition to the new weather. These jackets will have you looking and feeling your best — like your favorite idols and actors!

Trench Coat (The Classic Brown Overcoat)

The trench coat, a favorite among many idols, has been in style for a long time. Relaxed and upscale, this will be no exception to complete your look this season. Its classy, oversized fit can complement any vibe you want. For the winter, you can add warm and tight layers to keep you warm; and for the spring, go with a lighter, breezier ensemble.

GOT7’s JB styles a trench coat very casually. From his wide-cut pants with the chain on the side to the jean jacket under his trench coat, he gives new meaning to layers but shows a versatile twist to the classic trench coat.

A beautiful and talented actress among many is Sung-kyung Lee, star of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo. In her look, she styles the trench coat in a very chic way, with a red chunky scarf that pairs well with coat accentuating her eyes and hair color.

Blazers (The Cool but Tidied-up Professional)

A readily-available favorite to many (and probably already in our closets) is the blazer. The essential for many professionals has started to be seen outside of the office with many idols, such as BLACKPINK’s Rosé, wearing it in a modern way. It’s given a new definition to the classic office look. The blazer can be seen nowadays as a blazer dress, giving a chic vibe. Don’t have one? Don’t worry! Go into your dad’s closet and rock that oversized look.

Rosé can be seen wearing an all-black vinyl blazer dress, revamping the definition of LBD. Her all-black blazer dress look revamps the definition of a classic blazer to one of attitude and shine.

Park Seo-joon of Itaewon Class has always had inspiring and accessible well-done attire. In his blazer, he opts for a spring weather fabric staple: linen. The matching linen pant and blazer is perfect for a day out in Seoul with your friends!

Faux Fur Jackets (The Teddy Bear Coat)

Known as teddy bear coats, this fuzzy and warm jacket will soften your outfits while keeping you warm on those chilly spring nights. Its texture will have all eyes on you and make everyone wonder where you got it from. The monochromatic and neutral selection of colors available pair well with any look you have in mind!

P-Nation artist HyunA can be seen covered in her cozy teddy bear coat. Don’t want to wear it over your shoulders, then no problem! Wrap yourself in it.

Leather Jacket (The Bad Boy Jacket)

The timeless jacket of all time is indeed the leather jacket! Popular in the past and now, this item doesn’t seem to fall out of trend. Leather jackets are known for their rebellious appeal, perfectly formulated for nighttime fun or an all-black muted feel for the nonchalant airport look. Following this trend will have you looking like a true undercover idol!

Part of AOMG Industry, singer and rapper, GRAY sports the leather jacket in a retro scheme, following it with a silk scarf around his neck and a beret playing up the textures and colors of his fit. Given his streetwear and hip-hop scene, the leather jacket isn’t a new clothing item, but an essential to this artist.

Keeping it very simple and effortless is actress Park Shin-hye (Memories of the Alhambra). In this outfit, you can see her wearing an oversized leather jacket with light-wash balloon jeans. She finishes the look with white sneakers, giving the girl next door aura.

Long Coat (The Padded or Peacoat?)

We have to acknowledge the coat that made the winter cozier through the brutal winds and snow, and thank the long padded or long wool coat! With many brands taking their own twist on it, this style became popular for many.

A vet to the K-pop industry is Sung Yuri, once part of the group Fin.K.L. She decided to use her classic long padding as a blanket, covering her white printed dress. Yes, to functionality!

In many of our favorite heart-fluttering dramas, like the famous Goblin, is Gong Yoo! Here he can be seen wearing a long peacoat with a monochromatic palette, complementing his dark pants for neat and perfect everyday wear. 

Comment down below and let us know which jacket or coat you have or are looking forward to getting this season!

Cover Image: Gong Yoo (Management SOOP)
Written by Kimberly Mendoza

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