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Make a Statement with WIGGLE WIGGLE

We can find joy in just looking at something silly or quirky. Is there something in your room that makes

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Daebak Korean Cuisines

Are you a fan of Korean food? Or Want to learn more about each Korean dish? Well, you have come

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The Daebak Interns’ Favorite Picks of 2020!

Even though it was really hard to condense our favorite moments of the year in both K-Pop and Korean entertainment,

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The Three T’s: Travel, Tips & Tricks – Part 2

Welcome to part 2! of this travel series. Now you know a little bit about how to get around Korea,

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Sports in South Korea, Pt. 4 – Sports in Korean Entertainment

Let’s dive into our last installment of the “Sports in South Korea” mini-series, as we take a look at former

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Sports in South Korea, Pt. 3 – Sports & K-Pop

Sports and K-Pop have a pretty profound relationship. From K-Pop fans wanting to learn more about their favorite idols and

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It’s Time to “BE” with BTS

It’s Time to “BE” with BTS On November 20th, 2020 at  2pm KST….This is ARMYs have been waiting for! They

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Sports in South Korea, Pt. 2 – Sports Fanatics

Outside of the United States, I would have to say that sports fans in South Korea are one of the

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Into the World of Vintage Shops

Vintage shopping has become the latest trend in fashion. There are a few reasons why people love vintage shopping, a

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Top 5 Kpop Dance Covers

Whether you know how to dance or want to learn how to dance, come check out these top 5 Kpop