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Korean Lunar New Year Traditions

In Korea, February 12, 2021, marks the first day of Seollal, or Korean Lunar New Year. The celebration typically lasts

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Make a Statement with WIGGLE WIGGLE

We can find joy in just looking at something silly or quirky. Is there something in your room that makes

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Daebak Korean Cuisines

Are you a fan of Korean food? Or Want to learn more about each Korean dish? Well, you have come

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Don’t Walk But Run! – Insadong Running Man

Don’t Walk But Run! Running Man is a variety show with joy, laughter, competitions, and togetherness. For over 10 years,

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Daebak’s Latest: Winter Box 2020

Start the year with our special winter box! Our fantastic team has curated a selection of beauty products, snacks, and

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24 Hours in Gangneung

Have you ever been to the east side of South Korea? Unsure of what there is? Fear no more! Here

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Top 5 Korean Cafes you MUST GO

Do you love coffee? Do you love cute cakes and dessert? Well Korea has it for you. Come check out

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Korean Variety Shows to Watch During the Holidays

Winter is finally here! We hope everyone is staying safe for the holidays. The cold winter weather is keeping everyone

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The Daebak Interns – About Us

Brianna T. How did you get into K-Pop? Even though I would see K-Pop music videos playing at boba tea

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The Three T’s: Travel, Tips & Tricks – Part 2

Welcome to part 2! of this travel series. Now you know a little bit about how to get around Korea,