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Korean Dramas to Watch with Family this Winter!

The holiday season is all about feelings, good and bad, and these Korean shows will definitely hit you right in the feels!

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QUIZ: Your Snack Preferences Reveal Your Inner K-Drama Hero!

Korean drama heroes and heroines quickly become a part of us, but have you ever wondered which you would be? We’ve taken the time to help you figure it out!

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These Meals will Transport You into to Your Favorite K-Drama

If there’s one thing that could possibly outshine your favorite K-drama or K-actor, it would have to be all the food that is eaten throughout the entirety of the program. From simple instant meals, such as ramen, to exquisite food, such as seafood stews; everything always looks delicious! It’s easy to say that food is the real star of the show.

Entertainment Food K-Drama

Essential K-Dramas for the Food Lover in All of Us!

There’s nothing like staying in for the night with a good drama and some delicious Korean takeout! What’s even better is to watch a food-themed drama while eating!

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What’s in Your Closet?: K-Pop and K-Drama Influenced Fashion

With how fast Korean culture is spreading, it’s no surprise K-fashion is becoming more widely known, and social media is a huge help! Styles are becoming more noticed as the popularity of K-pop and Korean dramas grows, and the speed at which the fashion is shared is insanely fast, thanks to Instagram accounts dedicated to finding where Korean celebrities got their outfits from.

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Top Four Unique Cafes For The K-Drama Lover

K-Dramas have a way of making the ordinary nothing shy of astonishing. It’s hard to believe that cafes could have