No matter what part of the world people may live in, they can never run away from the different standards their society sets for them. South Korea is known to have the highest rate of cosmetic surgeries in the world, so things like beauty standards are set really high and K-idols are far from being excused when it comes to following them. However, there have been many K-pop idols who have broken those barriers, including these amazing women.


Hwasa of Mamamoo is no stranger when it comes to receiving backlash for being someone whose appearance is outside of South Korea’s social norm. She is well known for her curvy figure which is different from your average slender Korean woman. Hwasa has often received comments from people labeling her as “chubby” or “fat,” but she has yet to let those hateful comments stand in her way. During a concert of hers, she even told her audience, “If I don’t fit in this generation’s standard of beauty, I will have to become a different standard,” and has continued to do just that. 

Amber Liu

Ever since she debuted with f(x), Amber has been known for her tomboy style. She stood out among the rest of her members who dressed more “girly” and because of that was often told she needed to dress in a similar way. However, she noticed that there were many fans who appreciated her for being herself. Due to the love she received from her fans, she has been able to maintain her self-confidence and continues to dress how she wants. Amber has been an inspiration for young girls everywhere who just want to be themselves. 


Hyolyn, a former member of the K-pop girl group Sistar, was known for her darker complexion compared to the rest of her fellow members. Because of her tan skin, some people often considered her to be the least attractive member of the group. In contrast, Hyolyn does not view herself in that manner. She considers her naturally tan skin to be “sexy” and continues to flaunt the skin she was born with! 

These wonderful women refuse to change themselves for anyone. They are phenomenal examples of how people should not let the beauty standards of this world define who they are. 

Can you think of some other courageous Korean women who are breaking barriers? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: Viki
Written by: Cris White

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