At the age of 13-years-old, BoA released her first album, Peace B, on August 25th, 2000. Fast forward to 2020; BoA is one of the most beloved K-pop stars in the world. She has released over a dozen albums in Korean, Japanese, and English. She also has so many hit songs that it is hard to keep count.

BoA celebrates her 20th anniversary this year. She has accomplished so much over the past two decades and is still impactful in the K-pop industry today. She was the first South Korean artist to be recognized in the Japan music scene, and to land an album in Billboard 200 albums chart back in 2009. To celebrate her 20th anniversary, she has collaborated with artists including Gallant, Red Velvet, Baekyun from EXO, and BOL4 to remake all of her biggest hits through the Our Beloved Project (a project by SM).

Let’s take a trip down to memory lane of BoA’s most well-known and beloved hits. For this list, we have compiled the top 6 of her biggest hits for you to check out.

ID; Peace B (2000)

It is hard to believe that BoA was only 13-years-old when she came out with her song “ID; Peace B.” You can see the real talent she had with her fantastic singing and dancing skills. The song did very well in Korean charts by peaking at #10. Soon after debuting, it was released in Japan, and the song reached #30 in the Oricon chart.

No.1 (2002)

One of BoA’s most iconic songs, “No.1,” paved the way for the K-pop scene. The song is a real gem that will be remembered for centuries.

Atlantis Princess (2003)

Third on the list is “Atlantis Princess,” a true classic. None of her other songs matches the emotional and melodic passion of “Atlantic Princess.” With its beautiful background vocals and instrumentals, the music itself is genuinely uplifting.

Girls On Top (2005)

“Girls on Top” is different from BoA’s previous releases. It represents the fierce hip-hop side of BoA. The song was produced by Yoo Young-Jin, also known to work with Shinhwa, S.E.S, H.O.T, TVXQ, and many more.

Only One (2012)

“Only One” is another classic that brought BoA to a new era of music. With its breathtaking performance and emotional instrumental, BoA proves once again that she is a versatile artist.

Woman (2018)

One of Boa’s recent release, “Woman,” is a powerful song that sends the message of self-empowerment and being confident within your skin. With this track, you can see how BoA has grown over the years. Especially the dance routine of her standing upside down has to be the most iconic dance move in K-pop history. Watch the music video for “Woman” here:

It’s hard to narrow down all of BoA’s biggest hits because there are many to chose. Did we miss one? Let us know what’s your favorite BoA song down in the comments below!

Feature Image: SM Entertainment

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