Etude House is one of the popular and well-known Korean cosmetic companies for their affordable prices, good quality, and of course, the adorable packaging!

Etude House has done countless collaborations with other brands and celebrities such as Kit Kat, Disney, Tom and Jerry, and Red Velvet. On January 22nd, they were happy to announce their newest collection with Hershey!

This is a smaller collection with only three items: mini eye shadow palette, lip tint, and make-up brushes — each with two different versions.

The eye shadow palettes come in Original and Cookies N’ Creme. Each palette comes with six different shades. Original has darker colors, perfect for a smokey eye or an evening look, while Cookies N’ Creme has neutral colors, perfect for a natural and subtle look.

The lip tints come in two colors: Hazelnut Choco, which has red tones for a bold lip; and Almond Choco, which has soft brown tones for a subtle lip. These lip tints have a matte finish and warm tones perfect for autumn and winter looks.

There are two eye shadow brushes in this collection, each with a different use and design. The Original brush is flat and used for applying a base or making a gradation effect. The Cookies N’ Creme brush ends in a point that is perfect for the aegyo sal and triangular zone of the eye.

This collaboration has been out for a while now, so luckily there are some awesome reviews. Tina Yong shows us a cute look that can be done with the products in her Tina Tries It series. Make sure to check out the look in her video!

Etude House x Hershey is perfect to add to your collection if you love makeup or chocolate! Whether you wear makeup every day or just enjoy collecting products for the packaging, this is a sweet collab you need to check out!

Which palette is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: Tina Yong
Written by Ashton Carson

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