Looking to have a fun and fulfilling afternoon in Seoul with some NCTzen friends? Look no further than Slipper 456 Cafe. This cafe is the site of one of NCT’s most iconic V LIVE broadcasts, “a cup of coffee,” where members Johnny, Mark, Ten, and Jaehyun, otherwise known as the self-proclaimed “foreign-swaggers,” sat down to chat to NCTzens about their promotions for EMPATHY.

Slipper 456 is located in Gangnam, a short fifteen minute walk away from SMTOWN Coex Atrium and Coex Mall. The cafe is a small space with lots of character, most notably a shelf of antique-looking vases and glasses, mirrors perfect for group selfies, and the faux grass outside that ties the rustic, homey feeling together.

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seem familiar?

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Although the V LIVE broadcast was over a year ago, the only difference in the cafe now versus then is the absence of the trailer truck outside, and a change in the pattern on the awning. On top of being a hotspot for NCTzens, the cafe would make a very nice date spot for you and your partner to talk for hours in the comfortable, relaxing space.

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During the broadcast, the boys were eager to share with their viewers what they had ordered. Off of the food menu, as a group they ordered the french toast and later received curry as a complementary dish from the staff for being so well-mannered. As for drinks, Jaehyun and Mark ordered the banana milk, Ten ordered the green tea latte, and Johnny ordered an Americano—as usual. Although we didn’t get a chance to try the Americano (our intern happens to be caffeine-sensitive) or the curry, which still looked delicious and we’ll definitely be going back for, we did try the french toast, banana milk, and green tea latte.

The banana milk was much more than any convenience store banana milk you’ll ever try, it was much thicker, creamier, and the banana flavor was not artificial in the slightest. The drink was not overly sweet either, all of its sweetness coming from the natural sweetness of the banana, adding to the authenticity of the flavor.

The green tea latte was a well-balanced mix of strong matcha flavor with rich cream and milk, and the drink was not watery in the slightest. There wasn’t much of an added artificial sweetener taste, so the matcha flavor was very rich and lingered on the palate. For those not accustomed to the bitter taste of authentic green tea/matcha drinks, I would advise to stick to the banana milk for something a bit lighter.

The french toast turned out to be much more than just a fancy breakfast treat; it was served on a large plate with many sides including American-style bacon and egg, sausage, mushrooms, jalapenos, and cheesy potato wedges. The french toast itself was thick, the inside was warm and fluffy, and on top was sprinkled powdered sugar and a cinnamon-brown sugar glaze.

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breakfast for dinner

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If you’re ready to splurge on a homey meal in a quiet, quaint back alley of Gangnam with friends, Slipper 456 would be the go-to spot. Regardless of being an NCTzen or not, the food and cozy atmosphere is a lovely escape from Seoul’s bustling city tension.

Also a bonus! As of the publishing date of this article, they still have Ten and Jaehyun cupholders up for grabs, just ask the owner to receive one after ordering something off the menu.

Check out NCT’s “a cup of coffee” V LIVE, and follow Slipper 456 on Instagram (@cafe_slipper456) to see their operating hours and more of their menu offerings!

Cover Image: Ten, Johnny, Jaehyun, and Mark – NCT (SM Entertainment)
Written by Justine Shaffer

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