Covers are great for artists and fans. They can showcase different colors and talents that aren’t usually shown in an artist’s discography or choreography. For the fans, it can even feel like an indirect interaction between their favorite artists, which makes it even more special when they cover a song from someone of a different gender. These performances show a side other than what we’re used to, and it makes the artists and the fans happy. The vocals, the outfits, the dances — it’s all amazing!

Here are just a few of the times male idols covered female idols with their own twist:

A.C.E – “Stay” by BLACKPINK

A.C.E is a group that’s popular amongst their casual fans for their unique concepts and their covers of all types of music. Their version of BLACKPINK’s “Stay” took the original and made it strictly acoustic to allow the listeners to hear their vocals. All the members shine, and their harmonies while singing together make it so nice to listen to. Member Chan was praised for his smooth rap that matches the flow of the original song.

Boy’s Day – “Something” by Girl’s Day

This iconic collaboration was put together to celebrate Music Core’s 400th episode. VIXX’s Hongbin, A-JAX’s Seungjin, BTOB’s Minhyuk, and NU’EST’s Ren came together and danced to this 2014 hit together in full drag. They wore outfits and wigs to resemble the ladies of Girl’s Day, who performed the first verse and chorus of the song.

BTOB – “You’re The Best” by MAMAMOO

This stage was a perfect representation of what BTOB is: strong vocals and raps and fun personalities. They changed parts of the song to better suit them while keeping a lot of it the same. What more could you ask for from two of the biggest vocal groups? This stage brought us laughs while enjoying a great performance.

DAY6 – “TT,” “Knock Knock,” and “Signal” by TWICE

Labelmates are very close-knit and cover each other’s songs often — JYP is no exception. This Music Bank performance is one of the many times DAY6 has covered TWICE. The band took three songs and made them to their style while keeping the essence and fun vibe of the originals. “Knock Knock” was turned into something that you can relax to and “Signal” into a head-banging jam.

GOT7 – “Mr. Chu” by APINK

Music Bank’s year-end show brought us this precious stage from GOT7. The group is known for mature and strong songs and dances, which made this a very refreshing performance. Even rappers BamBam and Mark got their chances to sing to this APINK classic. It will definitely warm your heart now during the winter season just like it did five years ago.

SEVENTEEN – Uhm Jung Hwa Medley

Immortal Songs is the best place to show your skills and pay tribute, and that’s exactly what SEVENTEEN did when they went on the show in 2017. The legendary singer for the episode was Uhm Jung Hwa, and the group chose her feature in “Tell Me”. Along with this cover, they re-wrote the raps and mentioned a few of her title tracks such as  “Watch Me Move” and “D.I.S.C.O” in the lyrics. All of the members contributed to this performance with great rapping and beautiful high notes.

THE BOYZ, Golden Child, and SF9 – Song Medley

All the boy groups involved in this special KCON stage showed different sides to their groups and what music girl groups create. THE BOYZ covered KARA’s “Lupin” with a bit of a darker concept than the rest with strong dancing. Golden Child covered BoA’s “Atlantis Princess” with a bright concept that matched theirs at the time. SF9 covered Girls’ Generation’s “Run Devil Run” with another darker concept while using the iconic dance moves in the original. Each group performed a song that fit them and showed the audience what they have to offer.

UP10TION – “I Like U Too Much” by SONAMOO

This performance was part of a series of artists covering each other on Music Bank. While UP10TION did this cover, SONAMOO also covered their song “White Night.” Watching it now brings fans back to when the group had softer concepts. The members’ sweet vocals are accompanied with warm, pink outfits and cute expressions.

VIXX – “So Hot” by Wonder Girls

VIXX made quite an impression on Star Faceoff when they performed this hit song in full drag. While member Leo wasn’t able to perform, the rest of the group had everyone in the audience on their feet. They showcased their feminine side, even while rapping, and blew all of us away with their vocals and dancing while wearing heels.

All K-pop artists have different colors and talents. Sub-units, solo projects, and covers are great ways to showcase something in a different direction if a group is focusing on a certain sound. All of the above covers were great ways to do something different yet their style while uniting boy group and girl group fans. 

What is one female released K-pop song you’d like covered by a boy group?

Cover Image: THE BOYZ (Cre.Ker Entertainment / KAKAO M)
Written by Chey Olexa

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