Tired of having a plain, old office desk? Well, say no more! Korean-inspired office space can definitely make anyone’s desk go from drab to fab. So grab a paper and pen to make a checklist of these following items for the next time a shopping opportunity arises! 

  • LED Clock

Keeping track of time is essential when it comes to work, especially when a person is ready to go home. Sure, anyone can just check their phone for the time, but having an LED clock makes checking the time more worth it. Not only is it cool looking, but it also gives off a look that says “I’m a professional.”

  • Aesthetic Desk Lamp 

Working late nights is not uncommon in Korea. However, just because a person works late nights doesn’t mean they should strain their eyes while doing so. A desk lamp definitely comes in handy in the darker hours of the day when a person is stuck in their office. Having a little extra light can help a person stay focused on their work and get the job done. 

  • Cute Stationery Items 

Can anyone really say they’ve decorated their desk Korean style without having any cute stationery items? Having something cute to look at on a daily basis can boost a person’s mood which could be needed when anyone goes into work. An individual’s idea of cute can range from person to person, but some examples of Korean companies that sell cute stationery products are KAKAO FRIENDS and LINE FRIENDS!

  • Cell Phone Stand 

In this day and age, cell phones have become an important part of people’s daily life, especially in the business world. So much so, it can be hard to keep it out of sight for just a second. What if an important call comes up or your favorite K-pop artist drops a new comeback album unexpectedly? How will a person be able to see these urgent notifications? Simple, a cell phone stand. A cell phone stand allows a person to have their phone in front of them while working, which makes it easier to be on the lookout for those important notifications. 

  • Small Plant 

A nice, small plant can add a little pop of life to a person’s desk. Depending on the person, the plant can be real or fake. Normally, if a person’s job demands a lot of their attention, then a fake or low maintenance plant would be best. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with having a little buddy to say “Hello!” to when arriving at work. 

Any of these items you see adding to your checklist? Let us know in the comments below! 

Written by Cris White

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